I had the rare opportunity to pick up my oldest daughter from school today.  She was so excited this morning to know that I would be coming, which put me in a great frame of mind as I headed off for work.

She is in JK and the first of our three girls to be in school.  In her class, each student gets the opportunity to be the “Star Student” for a week, and this week was her turn.

It turns out being the star student gave us the opportunity to bond more than we normally would.

Monday – we sat down at the kitchen table first thing in the morning and created her all about me page.  We read what she had to do for each section, and then let her fill it in with whatever she wanted.  This made me think, how many mornings have we missed an opportunity to do something special by taking 5 or 10 minutes together?  Something I want to keep thinking about.

Tuesday – we went through and decided which book would be her “favourite”, that she would bring in so that the teacher could read it to the whole class.  What we found out – at 5 years old the book you called your favourite on Monday, doesn’t have to be your favourite anymore on Tuesday 🙂

Wednesday – she came running in at 6am to tell us which stuffed animal she was going to bring in for the day.  I am sure that it could have waited until 7am when we are supposed to get up, but how can you tell a girl with that much excitement to go back to bed?

Thursday – family picture day.  Wednesday night my wife and I figured out that we had given all of our family pictures away.  Given that our printer was out of ink, my wife ran to Walmart to get a few more printed so that our daughter could prove she actually did have a family…………….

Friday – this is the day that the “Star Student” gets to decide who’s table they want to sit beside for morning recess, lunch, and afternoon recess.  I had asked her that morning which table she might pick and she wasn’t sure yet.

It was a nice day today so I decided to walk to her school to pick her up.  I arrived about 10 minutes early to make sure I was front and centre and she would see me as soon as she came out. Success, she did and we both had huge smiles as a result.

Here is where it got awesome………..on the walk home I asked her who she decided to sit with.  She told me that the teachers had said that she was special today and could pick anywhere she wanted.  At that moment I stopped walking, turned to her, and before she could finish her sentence I said:

“Dolly, you are special every day to me!”  I winked, and then I said “AND I want you to always remember that.”


We started walking again, and after about 4 steps she stopped me.

She looked me in the eyes, and gave me the biggest and longest hug I have ever gotten from her.

Made my heart skip a beat……………

I will forever be grateful for that moment, and I will continue to look for ways to make my girls know how special they are to me.



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