March 27, 1016

Happy Easter everyone.  I thought I would start this weekly gratitude post with the conversation I had with my oldest daughter while I was tucking her in for bed tonight.  I had just finished singing her a song.

My daughter says when I finished “Dad, I don’t know that song”.

Me: “That’s the song we always used to sing at church when I was a little boy”.

Her: “Did you go to church every Sunday?”

Me:  “Yes.  Pretty much every Sunday.”

Her:  “So you went one Sunday, and then the next Sunday you stayed home?”

Me: “Nope.  We went pretty much every Sunday.”

Her: “So you went two Sunday’s in a row, and then the NEXT Sunday you stayed home?”

Me: “Nope.  We went pretty much every Sunday.”

Her:  “Ohhhh.  So you went, like, EVERY Sunday Dad.”

I am not sure where she was going with her line of questioning, but her innocent response at the end was priceless.  It is times like this that I am grateful I am able to control my emotions.  It would be so easy to get frustrated by hearing the same question over and over again, but if I did I can’t think of how many “gems” I would miss as a result!

This makes me think and smile about our ride home from Easter dinner yesterday as well.  It is a 20 minute drive and we were bombarded with one Easter Bunny question after another.  We often prepare ourselves for the questions regarding Santa, but must admit we didn’t have many answers about the Easter Bunny.  We smiled and chuckled all the way home.  Oh yes, and I should mention that I am grateful, as none of the questions were raised again today…..

I am grateful for the time we had with family this week, and for skype/facetime which allowed us to connect to family that isn’t always so close.  Our Easter weekend ended with a beautiful sunny spring day and we managed to pack a lot of fun in (despite having a house full of sleep deprived girls).


Finally, I am grateful that someone encouraged me to find my calling.  So many of us aren’t sure what our “calling” is, so we never start on a path to find it.  Because I am able to live more in the moment now than I have before, I can trust that my true calling will emerge as a result of all this.  I trust myself enough to know that it will.

I heard a saying once.

“If you want a chance to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket.”

Right.  So if you want to have a chance at finding your true calling, you need to buy a ticket………….

I am grateful that I have new logo for the site (not bad for $5 on fiverr), I  have a great Dads Reflection topic for this coming week, and that I have an exciting new gift to reveal as well!

Stay tuned…………

What are you grateful for?








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