May 5, 2016 Dad Reflection and Gratitude Post

It’s been just over a week since my last post, and I wanted to re-assure everyone that the site is still alive and prospering….

My wife and I had the luxury of traveling to one of our favorite vacations spots last week, to attend the marriage of two amazing people.  We landed at our resort in the Mayan on Sunday morning, and were greeted by a group of our friends.  What an awesome way to start a vacation!

The wedding was truly spectacular and the weather was perfect all week.  More importantly, we spend a ton of time with old (and new) friends in a time of our lives when it is so hard to do just that.

I could write so many things about the trip itself, but that isn’t what I want to focus on.  It was all made possible because my wife and are a blessed to have four amazing grandparents that our girls trust and adore.  That my friends, is something to be grateful for!

I feel like we are the luckiest parents in the world to have three happy and healthy girls, and to also have four happy and healthy parents.  That combination gave my wife and I the opportunity to re-connect and it only deepened the love that I already had for her.  I didn’t know that it was possible, but you can fall more in love with someone with every year that passes……….

I learned another valuable life lesson over the past week.  I learned that you don’t have to be miles apart from someone to miss their presence.  If you are truly in the moment, you will find that you miss them even when they are only minutes away……….

As we head into Mother’s day weekend, I know I have a ton of “Mother’s” to be grateful for.

And I am sure you do too……………

I leave you with a quote:

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~Rudy Giuliani


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