He was burned alive with John O’Leary.  

One amazing podcast with Hal Elrod.

As a parent we often get caught up in the emotion of things. We are finding that with the sun rising earlier and earlier each day, our girls are also rising earlier and earlier most days.

It is always amazing to see how much energy they have when they come into our room at 6am. “I love you Mom. I love you Dad.” It is like they are practically singing when they say it.

With those early mornings unfortunately, the evenings aren’t as equally pleasant.

Some days I do get caught up in the emotions of it all and find myself engaging instead of setting the example. We all do that as parents I am sure.

A well timed podcast on other days is all I need as a reminder to be the “calm in their storm”. Today was one of those days.

The podcast I heard today was with Hal Elrod and his guest John O’Leary. And John’s story was amazing.  I listened on the way to work, and I found myself in tears (literally) at a traffic light hearing John tell his story.

At the young age of 9 he found himself lying in a hospital bed with 3rd degree burns over 100% of his body. He was not expected to make it.  On this particular episode John let us inside his mind and shared his most intimate thoughts through the ordeal.

What I love more than that however, was his parents reaction to the situation and to their little boy.

As a parent I got a glimpse of how they must of felt in those moments. I can’t imagine what the were going through but I could certainly feel it in John’s voice.  The thought of getting a call and learning that one of my kids was in the hospital and not expected to make it, would be unbearable………..

What was most remarkable though, was how they spoke to John, and how it likely saved his life!

You should listen – here is the link:  “He was burned alive: An unbelievable interview with John O’Leary”


What I learned most was what John does in his every day now. He chose to live life then, when it would have been easy to give up. And he chooses to live each day now, and appreciate each moment for the miracle it is.

As a parent I want to give you the golden nugget I gleaned from his episode………….

Two of our girls were up early today and obviously tired after their bedtime bath. Instead of raising my voice or getting frustrated with their behavior, I reminded myself of what John said on the interview.

I said this in my head, but as if I was saying it to my girls:

“I love you, and there is nothing you can ever do to change that”.

You see, as humans we tend to mimic the behaviors of those we surround ourselves with. When others laugh, we tend to laugh. When others are positive, we tend to be positive.

It is no different with kids (and perhaps it is even more profound).

Imagine the calmness you will bring saying this same thing to yourself, when your 4 year old is throwing that next tantrum.

We have the amazing ability to be their miracle, in that challenging moment. We can be the blanket that puts out the fire. We can show empathy when they show anger. We can show compassion when they show frustration.

No amount of anger, or crying, or acting out, will ever change how much you love them.

From now on I am going to continue to remind myself “I LOVE YOU: AND YOU CAN NEVER DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE THAT”.  And I am excited by what will come from acting out of this new place of love……

If you haven’t heard this podcast yet, you should……and after you have I would love to hear what you think.



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