You have heard me say it a few times; positive thinking breeds positive thinking.  I practice this daily, and write about it weekly.

What I have found is that this leads me into a space of Positive Parenting as well.  As luck would have it, when I was thinking about this concept last night, I suddenly found myself reading an article that was posted on facebook.

It is called Six Parenting Hacks for Life in the Fast Lane.  I strongly recommend it for anyone with toddlers at home.

A couple of items stick out in the article, and I think my wife could have written it based on what she already knows!

1) Be the Early Bird

While you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to the “Miracle Morning Routine” from Hal Eldod  (although you should if you can because it is amazing), you can definitely apply some of the principles.  Every day my wife strives to get up before the kids, shower, and have her morning coffee on the table before anyone makes a noise.  She says that it allows her to start the day in peace, become grounded, and be ready for what the day will bring.  If you haven’t tried it – might be worth the shot!

You can see Hal’s site here……………The Miracle Morning!

2)  Time Block

Once again my wife seemed to know this one too as she has helped me be more in the moment when I am home with the family.  She always tells me to “be intentional”.  What this means is that it is ok to look at your phone, or go to the office and do some work – just be intentional and focused on that in the small chunk of time you need.  If you allow yourself that 20 or 30 minutes, you will find you can put the phone down and be more present with your kids the rest of the time.

Great advice, hard to practice, but so very important for all of us in this day and age.

Check out the complete article here:  Six Parenting Hacks for Life in the Fast Lane:

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