Living in the Moment


It seems like many people only truly reflect on their situations and see the good in their lives, when something unexpected happens.

What if we all took a few minutes each day to stop, and realize what we have to be grateful for?  What if we all lived in the moment and really embraced those positive, happy feelings?  And, what if we could hold onto those happy feelings, forever?

Just a few months ago I saw a post that was shared on facebook entitled “32 Questions to Ask Your Dad”.  It was a story about a man who decided to interview his Dad because he had leukemia, so that he could hold onto his Dad’s thoughts and reflect back on them later in life.

Some new friends had shared that post, and some of those friends sat down and interviewed their Dad for Father’s Day.  It was a wonderful idea and very inspiring!

Around the same time I re-connected with a great friend and roommate from school.  I learned that he had started a business centred around this very thing.  Interviewing our loved ones so that we could hold onto their memories forever.

Sandy was always a forward thinker, however it is through capturing our loved one’s past, that he is truly making his mark!

Don’t wait until something unexpected or bad happens!

Be grateful for what you have and capture those memories today.  Interview your Mom or Dad; interview your spouse; or interview your children.  Capture your thoughts and dreams and document them for all to see, and for all to remember.

I love what Sandy has created, and can’t wait until the day I sit down and capture our families legacy with him.  I encourage you all to check out  “Forever Tree Films”.


Here is a snap shot of what Sandy does:

I am a personal historian. I preserve life stories on video, typically of those who’ve left a real mark on their family and friends, and their family doesn’t want that loved one’s memory to be lost.

To do that, I weave recorded interviews together with photos and music, and you wind up with a beautiful professionally produced film. My clients may need a unique gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary, or they may have parents or grandparents who are getting older and have wonderful stories to share.

It’s my passion to help you get the job done before it’s too late, so those treasured memories can last forever.



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