Why Dads Reflections ?

Welcome to the official blog on the Father Daughter Relationship – DadsReflections.com.


cropped-cropped-IMG_0146.jpgI started writing in December 2015.  Very quickly I realized that one of the things I enjoyed writing about was my experiences living with three young daughters. I also realized that there is a ton of information online in regards to fathers and their sons, but very little specifically written about the importance of the Father Daughter relationship.

With this blog, I want to help change that.  I want to bring parents together to talk about how Dads can AFFECT their daughters well into their adult years.  I want us to do better at it.  We are more well intended as parents today than any other generation, but we are creating a whole new set of challenges as a result.  We need to be careful, and we need to do better.

If you already have found resources that work for you – awesome!  If you haven’t, join us at Dads Reflections for this journey we are about to undertake.  Either way, I hope that my experiences – both my successes and my failures – can help you be better as well.  

I will invite other Dads to guest write for our site, I will recommend key books, and I will add resources that you will want at your disposal.  

Send me the things you are struggling with.  If I don’t have an answer or applicable experience, I will find it for you. Why?  Because I constantly find myself sifting through website after website trying to find an example that applies to my situation.  Let me do that for you so we can all  benefit from the findings.

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I used to have a high level corporate job, which I really did enjoy.  I made it through the downturn in 2008/9, I made it through a disastrous launch in 2011, and I made it through 4 years of trying to win back the business we lost and the business we needed to grow.

I look back and thank god that I didn’t leave during any of those challenging times.   I learned that people are what make organizations survive.  I learned that people also make organizations thrive.  I learned that people and relationships are what matter most.

Christmas 2014 

When I sat down and reflected that 2014 Christmas, I recognized that something was different. Yes – I felt wonderful about the work that we had accomplished.  But I was tired. I had a lot less enthusiasm for my work. I could see that resentment was around the corner for me. The organizational issues I was working through didn’t sit right.

This wasn’t how I wanted to feel after the team had just accomplished so much.  I knew there was so much work left to do, and I knew I that it would take even more of my attention away from family.


Aligning your values with your commitments

I didn’t feel that my values were necessarily aligned with that of the new organizational leadership.  I talked to my boss and told him I was tired.  I told him that I though they needed someone who could put their heart and mind into the position.  I knew that there was a lot of work ahead and I thought that work may be better suited to someone with a slightly different skill set.  If I couldn’t put my heart into it, I had to take myself out of it!


I had other commitments.  Three daughters and a beautiful wife.  My health and well being.

We were in discussions for almost 4 months before I would eventually work (what turned out to be) my last day.  We were close to coming to a solution that would keep me there, but in the end – what was meant to be, was meant to be.

My boss was extremely helpful in this time, and so was my wife.  They kept me going.  For that I am grateful.  Some people were pretty tough on me during those last few years, and I believe that I did a pretty good job not allowing the “shit to flow downstream”.  I recognize now that even those individuals that were tough on me, helped me.

It turns out that quitting was the best thing that ever happened to me. Without my 7 to 7 job holding me back, I’ve since been able to find a job that allows me to be happy again.  And I have found a passion for writing……………